On the 3rd December I was invited to give a speech to prospective students for International Baccalaureate at Stanmore College in North London. As a student of IB from 1991-1993 myself, I spoke about my experience studying the Diploma and how it helped me in my career.

Reminiscing those years, I came across this wonderful photo of a mural I painted in the art classroom back in 1992. The mural is based on an Egyptian painting found in an anonymous royal tomb in 1260 b.C. It's called 'El Ostrakon de la Ballerina'. I chose it because I thought it was a very unusual painting compared to the hieratic Egyptian imagery that is more commonly known. This image proves that the egyptian artists painted with aesthetic liberty when painting for themselves.

I also did it because I didn't want the school to forget about me, and so, I made a permanent imprint. I think it actually worked! Sometimes I bump into younger students and they all remember the mural and the name of the person who did it.

Hope you like it!