• Stand 121⎢The Other Art Fair⎢23-26 April
  • Stand 121⎢The Other Art Fair⎢23-26 April
  • Stand 121⎢The Other Art Fair⎢23-26 April

I'm delighted to finally reveled these three new pieces specially made to be launched at The Other Art Fair tomorrow.

'What Does It Take to Get Noticed?', 2015, oil on canvas, 56 x 72 cm
Inspired in Room XII at Prado Museum in which the sculpture of the Hermafrodite is completely ignored by the visitors. I imagine the title is what goes through the hermafrodite's mind. The sculpture is exposed and naked in a room and nobody is looking. Instead, they're focused on looking at Velazquez paintings. It also reflects on the idea of how difficult it is to be noticed in exhibitions or in the art world in general where there are so many artists.

‘Who Are They?’, 2015, oil on canvas, 56 x 72 cm
A common image at the Prado Museum in which a group of tourist looks at one of Goya's paintings, 'Charles IV of Spain and His Family', 1800. I like that there is an ambiguity of who is asking ‘Who Are They?, is it the tourists talking about the painting or is it the painting wondering about the tourists?

‘I Wish I Brought My Glasses II’, 2015, oil on canvas, 30 x 40 cm
This is inspired in a photograph I took at the Venice Biennale in 2013 that I had previously painted in gouache. I wanted to play with oil painting and not worry so much about the image but just capturing that moment in which a viewer gets closer to a work of art to look at the technique.

23-26 April 2015
PV 23rd April 5pm- 9.30pm

Victoria House, Southampton Row, WC1A 2QP

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