• New Oil sketches and other news
  • New Oil sketches and other news
  • New Oil sketches and other news


Just a quick post with some updates about what's next with my paintings and exhibitions.

Here are some new sketches I've done over the summer. A couple of them inspired by my visit to Moma and my encounter with Les Desmoiselles D'Avignon by Picasso. Hope you like them!

I've also decided to slow down with the exhibition schedule since I want to concentrate on developing my new work, still looking inside the museums.

It is for this reason that you won't see me at The Other Art Fair in October as an exhibitor, although I do intend to visit and support my fellow artists.

My next show will be in mid November at my studio in a re-branded open studio exhibition, now called Wimbledon Art Fair.

I can also organize studio visits for those of you who would are interested in my work but who cannot make it for those dates. So please do get in touch.

I look forward to hearing from you!


Next exhibition:
16-19 November ⎢ Wimbledon Art Fair
Wimbledon Art Studios, 10 Riverside Yard, London SW17 0BB

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