• Feature: Brit Es Magazine ⎢ Píldoras sonoras

Thank you Brit Es Magazine and Vanesa Cejudo for this feature in their online magazine as part of Píldoras Sonoras. To read and listen in Spanish, please click here.

Brit Es* is a place where contemporary British and Spanish culture are brought together through articles on design, art, cinema, photography, music, theatre and more.

Vanesa Cejudo. Writer and art critic at Brit Es. Sociologist and PhD in History and Arts. She has been a mediator, teacher and supervisor of educational and / or artistic self-management programs in countries such as Senegal, Angola, Venezuela and Guatemala through various AECID scholarships. She conciliated her activity of artistic mediation in the organization PENSART and Expresión Limón with her work within the Board of Directors of the MAV (Women Visual Artists). He currently resides in London.