“ESQUILOS LEJANOS” (“far away sheep bells”) is the name of the S.A.L. exhibition taking place in Zaragoza. It features a number of sheep bells and other objects, images and texts relating to them and/or their surroundings. All the bells have been either created or modified for this show by the artists represented by this collective.

Once again I used my wedding as inspiration for painting my sheep bells. Being confronted with the 'sheep bell' as an object, I thought of them as accessorise or jewellery for the sheeps. Having that in mind, I designed patterns to paint on them that made reference to the those of my vail and of my husband's tie that was worn at our wedding.

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“ESQUILOS LEJANOS” was initiated by Carlos Cortes and has been developed in collaboration with S.A.L. It´ll be part of “TABLAS”, a series of exhibitions organized by E-MIGRE and sponsored by the AYUNTAMIENTO DE ZARAGOZA.

  1. Anonymous
    December 12, 2006 -

    I have never seen such a great creativity which i believe is only proper of a genious. Your greatest fan.