I have the pleasure to announce that a future portrait done by me will be auctioned at Oliver House School to raise money for the school. The auction will take place on saturday 13th of November at the parent's evening.

Good luck for those bidding!!

Photo: Olivia, acrylic on canvas, 41 x 41 cm

Catalogue caption:
A portrait by Elena García de la Fuente

Elena is a Spanish artist based in London who specializes in family portraits. She has a MA in Contemporary Art from Sotheby's Institute. In 2005 The Prince's Trust recognized her talent and potential by granting her a funding award to pursue her life-long dream of succeeding as an artist.

Influenced by Old Masters, contemporary artists and the cultures around her, Elena's remarkable interpretation of her subjects allows her to create bold, yet reflective representations, animated with colour and character. Elena's success has seen her work exhibited in great European cities including London, Leeds, Berlin, Salzburg and Madrid.

This lot entitles you to a one-off portrait on canvas by Elena. Using acrylic paint, she will work from photographs, following a pre-portrait consultation.

Please note:
The portrait will be of one person only. It will measure approximately 41 x 41 cm. Consultation to be arranged at a mutually convenient time in London.