• Art Maze Magazine

Delighted to have been selected by gallerist and curator Kristin Hjellegjerde to be featured in the launch issue of 'Art Maze Mag'.

You can buy a copy online by clicking in this link.

ArtMaze Mag is also be available in New York (McNally Jackson Books), London (White Cube Gallery) and throughout the UK in select stores such as Magalleria (Bath), Magazine Brighton (UK) and others.

Guest Curator’s Statement:

"There is always a certain challenge in choosing artwork from work that is not possible to view and appreciate in person. I have therefore here selected the artists that have the most unique personal approach and coherent identity in their work. Congratulations to those who made the list, and best wishes to all of you for your future Art challenges ahead. Thanks Art Maze for inviting me to take part." – Kristin Hjellegjerde.

F E A T U R E D   A R T I S T S :
AJ Nafziger
Alexis Avlamis
Belmin Pilevneli
Caroline Jane Harris
Chloe Rosser
Chris Agnew
Dan Isaac Bortz
Eder Sanchez
Elena García de la Fuente
Emma Balder
Grace Jackson
Hanna ten Doornkaat
Helen Barff
James Alec Hardy
James Halvorson
Jane Barthès
Jinyong Park
Joshua Flint
Kaori Homma
Karen Hackenberg
Lara Atallah
Maj-Gret Gaupås
Maria J. Herrera
Maria Teresa Ortoleva
Martine Poppe
Miya Hannan
Nathan Heeney
Ners Neonlumberjack
Tasha Partridge
Patricia Volk
Piotr Krysiak
Rhed Fawell
Richard Zeiss
Seyed Asadollah Shariatpanahi
Thomas Hjelm
Verena Zangerle
Victor Sonna